About the map

The CDM Benefit Tracker India is a publicly accessible interactive map and transparent tool to show the actual performance of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects by comparing the sustainable development promises indicated in the Project Design Documents (PDD) with the situation on the ground.

Information about the included CDM projects has been collected in close collaboration with our Indian network members working on the CDM.

Carbon Market Watch designed this tool to highlight shortcomings in the CDM regulations. Currently, no monitoring or reporting tools are available to follow up on individual sustainable development goals of single projects and their actual impacts. Therefore, there is no incentive for project owners to fulfill their promised sustainable development benefits.

In a first attempt to face this problem, the Executive Board, which is the supervising body of the CDM, designed the sustainable development voluntary reporting tool, enabling the evaluation of sustainable development co- benefits generated by CDM project activities using tick box criteria. Even though this has to be seen as a step in the right direction, the tool has severe shortcomings:

  • it is only open for project participants and not for the civil society to assess the projects contribution to sustainable development
  • it is only a reporting tool, with no third party verification on claimed benefits
  • there are no measures in place when negative impacts occur

To enable comparability to the highest extent, the set out tick box criteria of the sustainable development voluntary reporting tool have also been used to assess the sustainable development benefits generated by the CDM projects included in the CDM Benefit Tracker India.

Project owners have been contacted and invited to comment on the findings we present. Comments received will be uploaded at this website to guarantee transparency on the highest level.



Carbon Market Watch does not take responsibility for the accuracy of information given in the CDM Benefit Tracker India.


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