Sintex natural gas project

Project full name Sintex 7.5 MW Natural gas based package cogeneration project, Gujarat – India CDM Project number 2471 Description The CDM project is a 7.5 MW capacity cogeneration plant situated in and around the villages of Saij and Arshodia of Kalol Taluk, Gandhinagar District, of Gujarat. It is primarily operated by Sintex Industries Limited known for plastic and textile production. The CDM project utilizes the natural gas for electricity generation by installation of a gas based package cogeneration unit specifically 7.5 MW natural gas Continue reading →

GFL Gujarat

Project full name Project for GHG emission reduction by thermal oxidation of HFC 23 in Gujarat, India CDM Project number 0001 Description GFL operates a HCFC 22 plant which is producing HFC 23 as a by-product. This gas is vented into the atmosphere as there are no regulations on the emission of HFC 23 in India due to the fact that it has no toxic effect.  The CDM project will take up thermal oxidation of HFC 23, enabling GFL to avoid emissions which would have Continue reading →

SRF Rajasthan

Project full name GHG emission reduction by thermal oxidation of HFC 23 at refrigerant (HCFC-22) manufacturing facility of SRF. Ltd. CDM Project number 0115 Description The main objective of this CDM project is to reduce GHG emissions through the destruction of HFC 23 gases in a proposed thermal oxidation system. HFC 23 is generated as a waste stream during the manufacturing of HCFC 22. Since there are no regulations in India restricting the emission of HFC 23, SRF has been releasing the gas into the Continue reading →