Biomass Bhagwati Vintrade

Project full name Biomass based cogeneration project at Bhagwati Vintrade, Ramgarh, and Jharkhand, India CDM Project number 7444 Description The biomass based cogeneration project involves the installation of a new renewable biomass (rice husk) based cogeneration unit. The plant is expected to generate about 95,040 tonnes of steam and 9.504 GWh electricity per annum. In absence of the project activity the equivalent amount of power and steam would have been generated from more carbon intensive sources such as burning of fossil fuels. The project activity reduces Continue reading →

Biomass project Jharkhand

Project full name Biomass based cogeneration project at Bhagwati Vintrade, Ramgarh, Jharkhand, India CDM Project number 7444 Description In the rice mill, electrical and thermal energy is generated using rice husk, a biomass residue which is a renewable source of energy. The project activity will therefore contribute to a reduction of GHG emissions, as the electricity produced by combustion of rice husk is reducing the demand of electricity from the grid, which to a large extent is fed by fossil fuels. The plant is expected Continue reading →

JK Lakshmi Rajasthan

Project full name Replacement of fossil fuel by biomass in Pyro-Processing” in Rajasthan by M/s JK Lakshmi Cement Limited  (JKCLC) CDM Project number O852 Description The purpose of project activity is partial replacement of fossil fuel (pet coke in present case) by an alternative fuel (biomass). The project activity will use the surplus of biomass in the area for cement production. Report summary Key promises made by project proponents: entire supply chain of biomass including collection, handling and transportation will give employment opportunities to local Continue reading →

Biomass Amreli

Project full name 10 MW Biomass Power Project in Amreli District, Gujarat, India CDM Project number 4464 Description The project activity proposes to utilize surplus biomass residues available in the Amreli District in the state of Gujarat for power generation. Biomass fuels available are cotton stalks, ground nut shell and prosopis juliflora. The technology employed is direct combustion of biomass in a boiler to generate high pressure steam to run a turbo generator. Due to the use of renewable biomass as fuel source, no additional Continue reading →