Solar Steam Project Gujarat

Project full name Solar steam for cooking and other applications CDM Project number O414 Description This project provides solar steams for community kitchens in local villages in Gujarat. Due to the use of solar steams, diesel and wood can be replaced as sources for cooking and emissions reduced accordingly. Report summary Key promises made by project proponents: creation of new job opportunities, solar system entirely manufactured in India and operation and maintenance of solar system, generation of additional jobs mostly in rural area positive impacts Continue reading →

Thermal solar power Rajasthan

Project full name Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions through Thermal Solar Power Technology – Rajasthan Sun Technique Energy Pvt. Ltd CDM Project number 9293 Description The CDM project is a 125 MW large-scale grid connected thermal solar power project, located in Jaisalmer district, Rajasthan, India.  In absence of the project activity, the electricity to the NEWNE would have been generated from sub-critical coal based power generation plants.  The project activity will generate the estimated annual emission reductions are 215,132 tCO2e annually over the crediting period of 10 years. Continue reading →

Solar power Joddhpur

Project full name Grid connected solar PV power plant in Jodhpur, Rajasthan CDM Project number 6909 Description The CDM project is a 5 MW Solar photovoltaic technology based power plant.  The electricity generated from the project activity will be transferred to the state grid of Rajasthan which is a part of the united Northern, Eastern, Western, and North-Eastern (NEWNE) regional grid of India. In absence of the project activity , the energy transferred to the NEWNE would have been generated from fossil fuel powered thermal Continue reading →

Palace Solar Energy project

Project full name Solar Power Plant of 15MW in Gujarat by Palace Solar Energy Private Limited CDM Project number 9455 Description The CDM project is a solar power generation project. The annual estimated power generation for proposed solar PV plant is 24,083 MWh. The electricity generated by the project activity would be sold to the NEWNE through Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contract. The project is a green field activity, as there was no other activity at the site of the project participant prior to the Continue reading →

GMR Solar Power Charanka

Project full name Grid connected 25MW P V solar power project at Charanka in Gujarat CDM Project number 7128 Description The proposed project activity is a solar power project implemented in a solar park that was developed by Gujarat Power Corporation Limited (GPCL). The installed Megawatt (MW) of Solar PV modules is 25.00 with an approximate power generation potential of 36,330 MWh annually. The generated power will be contributing towards bridging the power gap in the Indian national grid in demand and supply. Report summary Continue reading →